The Yakima Environmental Learning Foundation (YELF) is a group of south central Washington community members interested in advancing environmental awareness and education in our region.  The mission of YELF is to provide environmental education, interpretive programs, and research, to further the understanding, inspire the appreciation, and foster the preservation of the unique natural heritage found in the Yakima Valley and south central Washington. 

Members of YELF have identified a local need for greater organization, support, and enhancement of environmental education programs within this region of the world.  Because of the unique natural and cultural compositions found within south central Washington, the importance of providing support to existing environmental education programs while also expanding environmental education opportunities is a task of great importance.  YELF is working closely with the local land trusts, other non-profit organizations, natural resource agencies, local schools, teachers, and community members in order to expand educational resources relating to local natural habitats. YELF is focused on providing hands-on learning opportunities for teachers and students of all ages. YELF is currently providing contact and program support for existing environmental education programs while looking towards a future of establishing an environmental learning center within this unique region of the world.

In the long term, YELF is interested in developing a nature center for the local community and is also interested in expanding Spanish based and bi-lingual environmental programs for students and parents within south central Washington.  
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