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Environmental Film Series

For more information about other environmental organizations in the Yakima Valley and beyond please visit the following organizations.

The Cowiche Canyon Conservancy
is a local land trust with two large land areas. The Cowiche Canyon trail and uplands area has an extensive trail network which provides many good opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and many other outdoor activities. Their recent purchase of Snow Mountain Ranch has greatly expanded the conservancy's area. It is a wonderful location for all kinds of outdoor recreation. Trails are being built to cover the entire 1,700 acre area. 

The Kittitas Environmental Education Network
works to promote environmental education in Kittitas County. They focus on environmental education in schools and creating an environmental library and center in the area. They are also working to spread awareness of the value of nature to our area and prompt organizations to work together to preserve and promote environmental education and awareness in the community. 

The The Environmental Education Association of Washington
is a group of educators and professionals dedicated to increasing environmental education awareness. Through their annual conference and the Washington Comprehensive Environmental Education Plan this group works to promote and improve environmental education in all forms in the state of Washington.

The North American Association for Environmental Education is a group which promotes environmental education in organizations, K-12 classrooms, universities, and government agencies in over 55 countries in North America. They work to help people develop programs that promote environmental education.